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Dr. Marjan Kuzmanoski

Personal information:

Name, last name: Marjan Kuzmanoski
Date of birth: 28.04.1968
Place of birth: Prilep/ macedonia
el.: +389 2 3091 500
Fax: +389 2 3091 499

1987 Secondary education
1995 Medical Faculty “Sts. Cyril and Methodius University” – Skopje
2004  Specialization at the University Clinical Center – Clinic of Urology – Skopje


Worked in a rural ambulance for 3.5 years in the village o Vogjani (immunization, general medical examinations, physical examinations of children and adults, medical education).
05.10.2002 – 17.03.2008 – employee of the University Clinical Center – Clinic of Urology – Skopje.
17.03 – 1.10.2011 – employee of PGH Remedika – Skopje as urology specialist.

Present: Surgeon – urologist at the Special Hospital Filip II – Skopje


Membership: EAU (European Urology Association)




Previous projects: participated and worked at the project “Improvement of school 
children health” sponsored and coordinated by UNICEF;

SME project in the Macedonian healthcare system, PHTLS (PreHospitalTraumaLifeSupport) in compliance with the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians standards;
Education in Insel Spital University Clinic Anna Seiler – Bern, under supervision of Prof. Urs Studer – two times, each in duration of two weeks (2004 and 2006);
Two month education for Trans-urethral and Laparoscopic Surgery in Slovengradec, supervised by associate professor Nado Vodopija – Republic of Slovenia;
Education in the General Hospital – Department of Urology – Celje, Republic of Slovenia (two weeks);
Education in Acibadem Hospital – Istanbul, Turkey;
Training and education for ESWL treatment in the City Hospital of Vienna – Krankenanstalt Rudolfstiftung inkl. Standort Semmelweis Frauenklinik;
Education for surgical treatment with Green-light laser for prostate vaporization – Prostatazentrum Krankenhaus Barmherzige Schwestern Linz;
Medical seminar of urology Weill – Cornell Univ. – Salzburg;
Advanced course of urological microsurgery in Weill-Cornell Univ.- New York(20.11-20


1: Kuzmanoski,V Kuzmanoski, J Jordanoski -Incidence of the Bladder cancer in Prilep Region;

2: V Kuzmanoski, M.Kuzmanoski, J Jordanoski PSA as an ultimate tumor marker in BPH.

3: J Jordanoski,V Kuzmanoski, M.Kuzmanoski- Evaluation of the BCG treatment in Patients with post TUR-T.

4: S Saidi, O Ivanovski, D Petrovski, M Kuzmanoski, S Stavridis, S Banev, Z Popov (2008)  Lower urinary tract reconstruction following a cystectomy: experience and results in 20 patients using the "Studer" orthotopic ileal bladder substitution.   Bratisl Lek Listy 109: 8. 353-357 ;

5: Z Popov, A Stavridis, Lj Lekovski, M Penev, S Dohcev, O Stankov, D Petrovski, S Saidi, M Kuzmanoski, S Stavridis, A Mickovski, S Banev, G Zografski, J Janculev, O Ivanovski, V Georgiev (2007)  Urinary diversion: 30 years experience of a single centre in Republic of Macedonia.   Acta Chir Iugosl 54: 4. 49-55;

6: Ognen Ivanovski, Oliver Stankov, Marjan Kuzmanoski, Skender Saidi, Saso Banev, Vanja Filipovski, Ljupco Lekovski, Zivko Popov (2007)  Penile strangulation: two case reports and review of the literature.   J Sex Med 4: 6. 1775-1780 Nov

7: M.Kuzmanoski;M.Hadzi-Mancev;O.Ivanovski-Which parameters are important for the outcome of the ESWL treatment- EULIS- London 2011

8: M.Kuzmanoski at all- TESE- microsurgical dissection-an optimal approach for the sperm retrieval in patients with azoospermia-SEEM 2011- Skopje.



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